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How to Dance Safely Without Injury, Free from Stress and Strain

When it comes to social dancing, safety comes first.

The last thing you need when you go out socializing, is to get hurt.

There are a lot of ways to get hurt on the dance floor.

Here is the number one thing you can do to practice defensive dancing and preserve your health to dance another day.

Do not push and pull on your partner.

Not even a little?

Not even a little.

Any pushing and pulling causes strain. As you move around, even a little amount of stress can cause injury to susceptible joints.

The other problem with stress is it affects your balance. If your balance is adversely affected at the wrong time, you could fall. If you fall you could hurt yourself severely.

What about a little tension? Many dance instructors ask for a little tension.

You do not need any tension to communicate using the rules of Partnership Dancing™.

For more safe practices and to learn how to communicate without nudging your partner about, read the book Partnership Dancing™.

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