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How to Communicate Clearly and Make Every Dance a Pleasure for You and Your Partner

Suppose you could clearly communicate every step. That would go a long way towards making every dance a pleasure.

If you and your partner know exactly what to do, dancing will be a lot more fun.

How do you communicate unambiguously?

You need to know a common language that is the same with every person.

That language has to be powerful enough to communicate every step and simple enough that any normal person can learn it.

Those requirements rule out memorizing patterns, because you cannot learn enough patterns to cover every possible step.

Those requirements also rule out pulling and pushing, because the amount of tension and pressure varies from moment to moment and person to person, and therefore is ambiguous.

What then is the answer?

Partnership Dancing™

Here is why Partnership Dancing™ works.

When you have one foot on the floor, there are only two horizontal movements you can make.

  1. You can step in a particular direction..
  2. You can rotate to face another direction.
Partnership Dancing Rules Sheet

If you take a look at the woman's choreography in social dancing, you will see that essentially all the woman does is go straight and turn.

All you have to do is learn how to communicate go straight and turn and you can communicate almost every step.

There is a little more to the woman's choreography than that, but not much. Go straight and turn covers the vast majority of what the woman does.

Partnership Dancing™ shows you how to communicate every step that it is possible to communicate unambiguously in social dancing.

The rules for Partnership Dancing™ are so simple, they fit on a half a sheet of paper, which you can see here.

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