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What to Expect When You Start to Put Partnership Dancing™ into Practice with Lead and Follow Dancers

Partnership Dancing™ works whether you dance with another Partnership Dancer™ or someone who has never heard of Partnership Dancing™.

The principles of Partnership Dancing™ are foundational for all social dancing and work with every partner.

You will dance more safely and more comfortably. You will communicate more effectively.

However, when you dance with someone who does not know Partnership Dancing™ you will not be able to communicate every step unambiguously, because your partner will be limited by his or her own experience.

Even with the best dancers, here are some of the common problems you will see.

  1. People are off balance, particularly when they do their break steps.
  2. People use tension in the hand connection, limiting your freedom.
  3. Men attempt to coerce women into position by applying force.
  4. Women change direction or stop on their own.

These problems occur because people do not know or do not fully appreciate the implications of the Three Laws of Partnership Dancing™. Violating any of the Three Laws™ causes ambiguity.

If you are not the teacher, there is not much you can do about these problems, except suggest they read Partnership Dancing™

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