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Can you lead hand styling movements in choreographed dances?

August 6, 2010

This is picky, but is it possible to lead the hand motions in a choreographed dance, when the man passes behind the woman and the two move the hands in opposite directions from side to side above their heads?

No, but she likely would follow anyway.

According to the rules of Partnership Dancing™, women are not required to follow hand movements, but they can if they want.

As far as PD™ is concerned, hand movements are styling.

The general rule on styling is either person can do whatever they want as long as they respond to their partner appropriately according to the Three Laws of Partnership Dancing™.

You would want to respond to your partner's styling in a complementary way, but there is no requirement to do so.

When separated physically, the woman follows visually and should always keep an eye on her partner.

In the example you gave, She should see his hand movements. If she wants to complement his hand movements, her natural motion, would be to move her hands counter to his since her body is moving counter to the man's.

A requirement to follow hand movements violates some of the 10 foundational principles. I can think of a few right off.

Clearly Defined: You cannot tell the woman when you want her to follow your hand movements and when she can do whatever she wants.

Easy: One value of PD™ is in using the minimum amount of rules to communicate. Defining rules for hand movement adds unneeded complexity, since her stylistic hand movements do not affect her partner.

Freedom: You limit her freedom of expression unnecessarily.

In summary, women are not required to follow hand movements, but they can.

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