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Catalog of Partnership Dancing™ Products

There are three products here to help you improve your partner dancing.

  1. Partnership Dancing™ Book
    Shows you how to dance with a partner. This is the first and only book to explain the simple, precise language for communicating every step in every dance.

  2. Partnership Dancing™ Online Video Course
    Provides video instruction to go along with the book.

  3. Partnership Dancing™ Workshop
    Is a great way to make your group more sociable by getting all your students on the same page. Schedule a workshop for your location. This could be a separate workshop or part of a camp.

Overleaf (from the book Partnership Dancing™

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Learn How to Communicate Every Step in Every Social Dance Unambiguously

Be the Smartest Dancer in Your Group

Dance the Easiest and Most Natural Way

Dance Safely, Free from Injury and Stress

Feel More Comfortable, Confident and Popular

Accelerate Your Progress

Take Your Dancing to a New Level

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