Print Books How To Dance With a Partner and My Fight With Hospice by Andrew Weitzen

The beautiful print versions of these books come in hardcover with a jacket, hardcover without a jacket, and paperback. How To Dance With a Partner cover features entertaining images of the author with different partners doing a variety of dances. My Fight With Hospice features a needlepoint cover design by Edith Weitzen, the subject of the book. Both books have carefully designed interiors with section and chapter headings at the top of pages and large, easily readable fonts. Visit the author website www.AndrewWeitzen.com.

How To Dance With a Partner is even more fun to read than to hold. Bold headings make for friendly perusing key points. Original quotations and anecdotes keep the mood playful. Most importantly, the book answers your questions on how to dance with a partner. Visit the book website www.HowToDanceWithAPartner.com.

My Fight With Hospice is a compelling, non-fiction book that reads like a novel. The nonchalant weaving of Jewish culture wraps the story in an enriching tapestry. Visit the book website www.MyFightWithHospice.com.

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