About the ADCDs

The ABCDs are the only method for unambiguously communicating every step in every social dance in the same way with every person. The ABCDs stand for Attitude, Balance, Connection, and Direction. You can unambiguously communicate every step in social dancing following the three laws of balance, connection, and direction explained in Andrew Weitzen's How To Dance With a Partner.

The ABCDs work for every social dance that we know. We have tested the ABCDs on countless pieces of choreography for numerous different dances including: Argentine tango, balboa, ballroom, bolero, cajun, cha-cha, contra, country western, East Coast swing, English country, folk, foxtrot, international, Israeli, Latin, lindy hop, mambo, merengue, rumba, samba, salsa, square, tango, Texas two-step, West Coast swing, waltz, zydeco, and more. You only have to learn how to communicate once. You use the same method for all your dancing.

Anyone Can Easily Learn the ABCDs

The ABCDs are so simple that all the major rules fit on a single sheet of paper. You learn the principles in an easy to remember framework of ABCD which you can learn in an afternoon.

The ABCDs Are the Safest Method of Dancing

With the ABCDs you learn to lead and follow without the use of force. You learn to dance gently without any pushing and pulling. Since the ABCDs do not use force to communicate, they are the safest method of dancing with a partner.

The ABCDs are based on how people naturally interact. You learn to dance as light as a feather. The ABCDs give you the maximum freedom of movement to express yourself to the music.

The ABCDs Help Teachers, Students, and Groups

The ABCDs help dance teachers, students, and groups by providing a consistent method of leading and following across all dances.

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