Terms of Use of LeadAndFollow.com

  1. Definitions
    1. Systems - software, hardware, information, methods, personnel, etc. comprising this site
    2. User - person of legal adult age or organization using the Systems
    3. Vendor - Bronze Inc., employees, agents, subcontractors, representatives and assigns
  2. Legal Age. The User confirms they are of legal adult age, at least 18 years of age or older, as required by law in their jurisdicition. The User will not use this site if not of legal adult age. The User understands there are no controls on this site to protect minors. Minors are forbidden to use this site.
  3. No Guarantees. The Vendor makes no guarantees, nor warrantees, nor any other promises, nor commitments of any kind, neither expressed, nor implied, neither verbal, nor written, nor by email, nor posting on the Internet, nor by any other means. This paragraph takes precedence over any other portion of this document and this website. Other paragraphs in this document serve to emphasize these points and further inform the User. No other paragraph makes any commitment of any kind. The sole exceptions being: (a) explicit, signed, written agreements, and (b) explicit, written guarantees for purchased products.
  4. No Remedies. In no event will the Vendor be liable to the User for any damages, including any lost profits, lost savings, lost time, emotional distress, extra costs, or any other kind of incidental or consequential damages. Under no circumstances will the User seek to recover any amounts from the Vendor, except for refunds for amounts paid by the User and received by the Vendor for the specific services under dispute.
  5. No Robots. The User will not use automated agents to access password protected portions of the website. The User will not use automated agents to extract data from public portions of the website. If the User's agent behaves appropriately, the User may apply for written permission from the Vendor to use automated agents for these purposes.
  6. Indemnification. User agrees to defend, indemnify, save and hold Vendor harmless from any and all demands, liabilities, losses, costs and claims, including reasonable attorneys' fees, asserted against Vendor, its agents, its Users, servants, officers and employees, that may arise from the User's use of Vendor's service.
  7. Legal Information and Activities. The User will only provide information that is legal under U.S. and international laws, and the laws of countries in which that information is used.
  8. Vendor Sole Discretion. The Vendor, at its sole discretion, at any time, without notice, nor consideration for any party, may arbitrarily make any changes the Vendor desires, including terminating a User's account.
  9. User Restrictions. The User must conform to restrictions imposed by the Vendor. The purpose of the restrictions are to protect the performance and integrity of the Systems, as well as the User, Vendor and general public. If the User violates any restrictions, the Vendor, without notice, may disable the User’s account immediately.
  10. User Good Faith. The User must use the Systems in good faith and not seek to harm the Systems in any way. The User must not attempt to misrepresent themselves, nor mislead the Vendor, nor other Users, nor the public, through any means, nor attempt to undermine the security or integrity of the Systems in any way, nor attempt to access information, software or features which are not intended for the User's use.
  11. User Will Not Attempt to Circumvent. The User will not attempt to circumvent the intent of the Systems, and will pay for any features used through circumvention. For example, listing the User's email or website requires fee-based membership. The User will not enter their email or website in another field to avoid incurring the membership fee. Similarly, publicizing nationwide or worldwide requires fee-based membership. The User will not enter the same event over and over again in each area to avoid incurring fees for publicizing nationwide and worldwide.
  12. Appropriate Information. The User will only enter information appropiate to the Systems. For example, the User will only enter event information in the event form. An example of inappropriate information would be advertising products for sale in the event listing.
  13. Password Confidentiality. The User will protect the confidentiality of password protected and limited access areas of the Vendor’s Systems. The User will not share passwords with other people.
  14. Non-Competitive Use. The User will not use the Systems, nor allow the Systems to be used by others, for the benefit of a competitive product.
  15. Information Owned Solely By the Vendor. All information provided by the User to the Vendor is the sole property of the Vendor without restrictions.
  16. Public Information. Due to the public nature of the Internet, all information provided by the User to the Vendor is potentially publicly accessible. The Vendor, at its sole discretion, chooses all the particulars of distributing and withholding the information. The User will only provide information the User wants shared publicly.
  17. Loss of Information. The Vendor is not responsible should loss of information occur. The User is responsible for preserving the User's data. The User must take needed precautions to protect against loss of the User's information, such as making backups on the User's own systems.
  18. Excessive Use. The User will not take any actions that may put an excessive strain on the Systems without the Vendor’s prior approval. The User will not use automated programs to access information on the Systems. Internet search engines may use automated programs to index pages for the sole purpose of providing links to this site.
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